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Make Game Server - How to make a Minecraft Bukkit server

How to make a Minecraft BUKKIT Server FOR FREEhow to make a minecraft BUKKIT server for free

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Hello Everyone Today I will show you how to make minecraft server. (Article by iPureFX)
Do you want to set-up your own Minecraft server for private or public use? Well if you're reading this post now, I'm sure that you do. This post will be a tutorial on how to set up your very own Minecraft server. Anyway lets scroll down to do some work.

You can either watch a video or follow the steps bellow!

Step 1
Download Bukkit Server Files:
First, go to http://dl.bukkit.org
Webpage should look like this:

and download Craftbukkit for your current Minecraft version. Once you have downloaded, make a new folder on your desktop named "MC Server" or just a “Server”

whatever name you want to place and put file that you previously downloaded called Craftbukkit.jar and place in the folder that you create.

Step 2
Set-up your Minecraft Server:

Once you have put Craftbukkit.jar into the folder, make a new text document with notepad or your favorite text editor (Notepad is recommended).When You open Notepad place this into notepad file

Save the text document as "Startup.bat" or “Server Sratup.bat” anything that will make you to remember this file;

Now Run Your Bat File Once it’s open and fully loaded, enter "stop" into the console and press ENTER. Next, Open your “MC Folder” and go to the file called "server.properties" and edit that to whatever you want, but DO NOT!! put anything in "Server IP."

Step 3
Now here comes the hard part: port forwarding.
If you already know how to port forward, you can skip this portion of the tutorial. To begin, go to http://portforward.com, select your router, and skip the advertisement. You'll come to a web-page that looks like this one:

 Scroll down until you see a listing called "Minecraft Server." There it will show you step-by-step how to port forward for your router for a Minecraft server. Also, when port forwarding make sure to put your internal IP address Eg(, in the place where it says "IP Address."


Step 4
Now, in order for anyone else to connect to your server, you have to give them your external IP address. To find that, go to /ip. For you to connect, you either connect with localhost (

or your IPv4 gateway (internal IP).

Useful Plugins:
Essentials: http://forums.bukkit.org/...essentials
Visit http://dev.bukkit.org for any more plugins.

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